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6 Days / 5 Nights
Tour Preview

The tour begins by taking you to Jordan’s most notable sites and leaves the best for the end by giving you the holiest experience with a tour to Jerusalem. It obviously includes the Dead Sea. An unmatchable experience to have at the lowest point on earth while floating on the world’s saltiest body of water. And a visit to the Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ. Do you wish to visit the Holiest sites in the World in one tour? And are you asking yourself how could this be? Check our Blog for more information on how Trip500 makes it possible for you to visit Jerusalem and Jordan with only one visa entry (Check our Blog Here).


Day 1Arrival in Amman

●arrival time (depends on your flight): We will be awaiting you at Queen Alia airport. Our representative will safely transfer you within 45min to your hotel in Amman.

Day 2Amman - Explore Petra

●7am: You’ll need to have your breakfast early, because a long journey is ahead of you.
●We will then be transferring within 3hours to South Jordan, going to Petra (the driver might take few minutes of break during the way).
●The expected arrival time to Petra is around 11:00am. Your day will start by adventuring thru the Petra Seeq (canyon) either on foot or you can choose to enjoy a short horse ride leading you to “Al Khazneh”. Known to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Just try to grasp the fact that the Arab Nabateans, more than 2000 years ago, carved this 45m high monument Treasury into the red mountain rock.
●We’ll finally end the day’s journey in Petra, where you might assist to Petra’s night show (available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday around 8:30pm). A fascinating sight to be a part of. Your accommodation for the night will be at your hotel in Petra.

Day 3Petra – Madaba – Mt. Nebo – Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ – Dead Sea – Amman

●7am: Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel in Petra.
●We will then go on a mosaic tour until we reach Madaba. A city known for the mosaic map of the Holy Land. Which dates back to the 6th century AD, preserved in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.
●Afterwards we will be going to our first stop at Mount Nebo. Where you’ll get to have a view over the Jordan Valley, the hills of Jerusalem & the Dead Sea.
●We will then make you visit the Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ or as Arab Christians call it “Al-Maghtas”. Located North of the Dead Sea, on the Jordanian side of the Jordan river. Where also the ministry of John the Baptist is located.
●For the next hour, you will be driving toward the lowest point on Earth passing by winding roads. Enjoy a stress-free day, floating in the saltiest body of water in the world. Spread some of that mud on your skin, it might burn a little but you’ll feel all fresh afterwards. The Dead Sea is known to be Earth’s lowest elevation on land and the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. Its harsh environment does not permit the flourishment of any plant or animals. On the other hand, it has extremely healthy & beneficial properties that attracted visitors for thousands of years and today it will supply you with natural mud that you can spread on your skin putting any skincare lotions to shame.
(PS: be careful not to splash Dead Sea‘s water in your eyes…. it’s salt:).
●We’ll be back at your hotel in Amman, giving you time rest well.

Day 4Amman – Mt. of Olives – Mt. Zion – Bethlehem –Jerusalem

●7am: Breakfast at the hotel.
●Afterwards we will transfer you to the King Hussein bridge (Allenby bridge) where you will be crossing to Jerusalem.
●We will then proceed to Mount Olivet. Where you will be positioned east of the Old City and have the most blessed view over it. Not far from the Mount is the garden of Gethsemane. Where the Church of All Nations is located, the church where Jesus is said to have prayed before his arrest and the garden is where his disciples slept the night before his crucifixion.
●Next, we will be going to Mount Zion. A hill in Jerusalem just outside the walls of the Old City. Where you will be visiting King David’s Tomb & the Last Supper Room.
●Our final stop will be in Bethlehem. A major Christian pilgrimage destination for being the biblical birthplace of Jesus. You will then go on to visit the Church of Nativity. Which is said to be built above the cave where Jesus was born & you’ll see the birth is marked by an inlaid silver star. The Church of Nativity shares the Manger Square with the Church of St. Catherine and the Mosque of Omar.
●Your accommodation for the night will be at your hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 5Jerusalem – Jericho – Mt. of Temptation – Amman

●7am: Enjoy your morning breakfast at the hotel.
●You will be able to visit and go around the historical city ofJerusalem on your free time. If it is allowed on this day, you will visit Al Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock. If not, don’t worry you can visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Later you can continue through the Jewish Quarter & explore the markets & the museums.
●You will then be making your way back to the border and make a stop-over in Jericho or the “City of Palm Trees” as it is known in the Hebrew Bible. Where archaeologists have found the remains of more than 20 successive settlements some of which dates back to the very beginning of the Holocene epoch of the Earth’s history (around 11 000 years ago, 9000BCE!!!).
●If the time permits it, WE will go to the Mount of Temptation. A cliff in the Judean Desert where it’s said that Jesus was tempted by the devil.
●At the end of this tour, after crossing the border, you will be taken to your hotel in Amman. Where you will be staying for the night.

Day 6Departure from Amman

●Departure time (depends on your flight): We will be transferring you within 1 hour from your hotel to the Airport for your departure.

Price Includes

  • 3 Stars Hotel Accommodation 5 Nights
  • Tour guide In Jordan if the group is more than 5 people
  • Modern vehicle for above itinerary
  • 5 Breakfasts
  • Swimming Fees At The Dead Sea
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Lunch At The Dead Sea
  • Pick up from QAI and Drop off to your departure point
  • Driver accommodation and expenses (Fuel, parking fees, cleaning fees ….etc.)

Price Excludes

  • Airfare From & Back To Your Country
  • Entrance Fees (around 100$ per person)
  • Personal Travel Insurance and Expenses
  • Border Tax Entering Jordan (50$)
  • Border Tax Exiting Jordan (14$)
  • Tour Guide in Jerusalem (Free Guide Provided Depend on the group size)
  • All kinds of Tips
  • Petra by Night Show (24 USD)
  • Any not mentioned under included

Schedule for 2019

 Date Available Seats Date Available Seats
24 Jan – 29 Jan 2019      Fully Booked  3 Apr – 8 Apr 2019     5 Seats
22 Feb – 27 Feb 2019      4 Seats  5 Apr – 10 Apr 2019    Fully Booked 
14 Mar – 19 Mar 2019      13 Seats 11 Apr – 16 Apr 2019 8 Seats
21 Mar – 26 Mar 2019      17 Seats 18 Apr – 23 Apr 2019      11 Seats
27 Mar – 1 April 2019       9 Seats 29 Apr – 4 May 2019  Fully Booked
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16 May – 21 May 2019 17 Seats 5 Sep – 10 Sep 2019 Fully Booked
3 June – 8 June 2019 17 Seats 12 Sep – 17 Sep 2019 17 Seats
10 June – 15 June 2019 Fully Booked 19 Sep – 24 Sep 2019 17 Seats
8 Aug – 13 Aug 2019 17 Seats 25 Sep – 30 Sep 2019 Fully Booked
29 Aug – 3 Sep 2019 17 Seats 3 Oct – 8 Oct 2019 17 Seats
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10 Oct – 15 Oct 2019  Fully Booked 13 Nov – 18 Nov 2019      Fully Booked
17 Oct – 22 Oct 2019  Fully Booked 23 Nov – 28 Nov 2019 17 Seats
23 Oct – 28 Oct 2019 17 Seats 28 Nov – 3 Dec 2019 17 Seats
29 Oct – 3 Nov 2019  Fully Booked 5 Dec – 10 Dec 2019     Fully Booked
7 Nov – 12 Nov 2019 17 Seats 21 Dec – 26 Dec 2019 17 Seats

Schedule for 2020

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24 Jan – 29 Jan 2020      Fully Booked  3 Apr – 8 Apr 2020     5 Seats
21 Feb – 26 Feb 2020      4 Seats  10 Apr – 15 Apr 2020    7 Seats 
13 Mar – 18 Mar 2020      13 Seats 17 Apr – 22 Apr 2020 8 Seats
17 Mar – 22 Mar 2020      17 Seats 24 Apr – 29 Apr 2020      11 Seats
27 Mar – 1 April 2020       9 Seats 30 Apr – 5 May 2020  Fully Booked
Date Available Seats Date   Available Seats
22 May – 27 May 2020 17 Seats 4 Sep – 9 Sep 2020 Fully Booked
5 Jun – 10 June 2020 17 Seats 18 Sep – 23 Sep 2020 17 Seats
12 June – 17 June 2020 Fully Booked 25 Sep – 30 Sep 2020 17 Seats
30 July – 4 Aug 2020 17 Seats 2 Oct – 7 Oct 2020 Fully Booked
21 Aug – 26 Aug 2020 17 Seats 9 Oct – 14 Oct 2020 17 Seats
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16 Oct – 21 Oct 2020  Fully Booked 13 Nov – 18 Nov 2020      Fully Booked
23 Oct – 28 Oct 2020  Fully Booked 23 Nov – 28 Nov 2019 17 Seats
30 Oct – 5 Nov 2020 17 Seats 27 Nov – 2 Dec 2020 17 Seats
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5 Nov – 10 Nov 2019 17 Seats 21 Dec – 26 Dec 2020 17 Seats
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