Why you should visit Jordan ?

Why you should visit Jordan ? Jordan is characterized by natural beauty, ancient history and friendly people, in additional the wonderful experience of tourism between the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and the vast desert, also the tourist and archaeological sites that take you to a fascinating world. If you want to travel to Jordan soon, let us explain the best reasons. Which prompts you to visit it.

      1. Jordanian Food is Simply Incredible :

The Jordanian food is wonderful and you will enjoy the delicious Jordanian dishes, including small meat dishes made from lamb, spices and rice, which are popular among tourists, in additional to the drinks, including coffee, lemon and delicious tea.

      2.History :

Jordan is halfway between Europe and Asia and for that reason it has always been a strategic country for many civilizations, so you will find historical sites almost everywhere, do not miss Jerash, where you will find Roman ruins along with the modern city.

  3.Petra :

History is still alive in Jordan, especially in Petra, the most famous site, and the most popular destination in Jordan. This ancient city of Nabatiyeh was a key point of trade between Africa and the Middle East with Europe and Asia. It has so far attracted travelers from all over the world and has become one of the seven wonders of the world.


When you visit Jordan, you will be warmly welcomed by the local people. The Jordanian people are very friendly and they love to help of others. Do not be surprised if they invite you to their homes for a hearty meal with a cup of tea.

      5.The  Dead sea:

Visiting the Dead Sea is an unforgettable experience when you travel to Jordan. Besides the beauty of its water and its role in treating many diseases, another interesting fact is that the level of oxygen in the Dead Sea is three times that of any other place on Earth.

      6.Wadi Rum:

If you like the wild landscape, then go to Wadi Rum, it is the best place for you, which is also known as the Valley of the Moon because of the great geological scenery surrounding it,  and when you visit it you will enjoy a wonderful day among the camps in the desert which includes all the amenities, including So tours and activities are within the desert.


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