get lost

You have never truly seen the stars if you haven’t had a chance to venture off into the deep remote areas of the world. you could literally see the Milky Way out there. It was breath-taking. In life, you usually have to give up something to get what you want. Whether it be time, money, or your comfort, getting what you truly want will cost you.
Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) lies in the far south of Jordan, set on a high plateau at the western edge of the Arabian desert. Gargantuan rock formations, rippled sand dunes, and clear night skies create an almost fairy-tale setting across an unpopulated area the size of New York City. This is truly the “reddest” part of Jordan, colored by iron oxide, and by far the most dramatic in terms of landscape.

his beautiful red-sand desert is famous for its awe-inspiring sunsets, which peek through the mountain and rock formations at various angles, creating some of the best photo ops I’ve ever seen. You actually feel like you’ve left the Earth!

There are several high peaks there, the highest being Jabal Umm ad Dami, at over 6,000 feet. From the top, you can see the Red Sea and, on clear days, even the Saudi Arabian border. The territory is still home to a few hundred Bedouins.

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